Roles and Responsibilities

The Office of Court Administration was established to manage the planning, business functions and support operations for the Superior Court Judicial Divisions. This includes responsibility for budgeting and accounting, personnel administration, resource, systems and facilities management as well as court program development and supervision for the Superior Court.

Areas of responsibility which fall under the Court Administrator’s office include public information officers who assist over 175,000 citizens annually, scheduling of interpreters for non-English speaking and hearing impaired parties, coordination of the court mandated Seminar for Divorcing Parents, supervision and administrative support of the Jury management services for the DeKalb Courts, the Family Law Information Center and the Drug Court program. The Court Administrator’s Office also provides administrative support for the Alternative Dispute Resolution Trust Fund and the Law Library Trust Fund Boards.

Courthouse tours, use of courtrooms for mock trial competitions, and courtroom observations for visiting dignitaries are scheduled and coordinated through the Office of Court Administration.