The Court Administrator’s Office provides technology support for all Superior Court programs and courtrooms. Supported technologies range from Courtroom Audio Video systems to Computer systems for staff.

Audiovisual Technology in Courtrooms
Superior Court Courtrooms are equipped with Audio Video systems to allow presentation of evidence from Elmo (documents, photographs, x-rays), DVD/VHS and computer input. Touch screen monitors for annotation are available at the podium and witness stand. Additional displays are in place for jurors, at the party tables and for the gallery. For information regarding use of the system for a hearing please contact the office of the assigned Judge or the Court Administrator’s Office.

Audiovisual Technology in Jury Assembly
The Jury Assembly room utilizes Audio Video systems to provide jurors with orientation information and also to allow presentation of approved court seminars.

The Jury Management office also provides Assisted Listening devices for the hearing impaired.  Please let our staff know upon arrival if you require ALS.

Wireless Internet Access In Courthouse
Wireless internet access (WIFI) is provided for Court business and is available in the lobby on each floor of the Judicial Tower, in each courtroom, in the Clerk of Superior Court public areas, in the Jury Assembly room and in the Law Library.