Wireless Network Information

    DeKalb County offers wireless Internet service to patrons of the DeKalb County Court System. The wireless network is available on the 1st Floor through 7th Floor of the Judicial Tower and in Law Library located on the 4th Floor of the courthouse. In order to make your wireless experience as pleasant as possible, please note the following important information:
  • Users must have an 802.11a/b/g wireless network interface card installed and configured in their laptop, in order to access the DeKalb County Wireless Network.
  • This wireless network service is provided as an amenity to patrons of the DeKalb County Court System. Patrons should be aware that use of it is at your own risk. Wireless transmissions may present a data security risk, and we advise against using the wireless network to conduct personal or business transactions, such as banking, where sensitive account information and other personal data could be compromised.
  • When using the wireless network you will need to provide your own power source. Electrical outlets are not available.
  • You may have to manually enter the Service Set Identifier (SSID). Some network cards may require that you manually add the SSID code. Follow the directions included with your card and enter: “DCGUEST” as the SSID code.
  • If you have trouble accessing the wireless network because of configuration issues or technical problems with your wireless contact your personal or business-provided technical support for assistance. County employees are not allowed to provide computer assistance to the public.