Superior Court Administration

DeKalb County Courthouse, Decatur, Georgia 30030

Court Administrator Cathy W. McCumber 404-371-4901
Deputy Court Administrator Edwin T. Bell 404-371-4901
Administrative Assistant Yolanda Thomas 404-371-4901
Fax 404-371-2002



Alternative Dispute Resolution Center – 404-370-8194
Caitlin Lowther, Director

DeKalb County Law Library – 404-371-2441
Sarah K. C. Mauldin, Law Librarian

Accountability Courts (Drug Court, Mental Health Court, and Veterans Treatment Court) – 404-371-2206
Fredericka Dent, Director

Family Law Information Center – 404-687-3990
Miriam Royal, Center Coordinator

Jury Management – 404-371-2022 (ext. 0)
Dawn Childress, Jury Manager

Seminar for Divorcing Parents – 404-371-4953
Chaseney Q. Cliette


Superior Court Judges

Division 1 Courtney L. Johnson, Judge
Annette Wells, Judicial Assistant 404-371-2457
Marcee Campbell, Law Clerk  
Rhonda Phinazee, Calendar Clerk 404-371-2880
Division 2 Asha F. Jackson, Chief Judge
Sha’Dae Williams, Judicial Assistant 404-371-2344
Terri R. Simmons, Law Clerk
Rakilah Green, Calendar Clerk 404-371-4704
Division 3 Clarence F. Seeliger, Judge
Wendy Taylor, Judicial Assistant 404-371-2336
Shannon Hicks, Law Clerk FAX: 404-371-2066
Durelle Gunn, Calendar Clerk 404-371-4705
Division 4 Gail C. Flake, Judge
Diane Kennedy, Judicial Assistant 404-371-2909
Lisa Young, Law Clerk FAX: 404-371-2788
Susan Riggle, Calendar Clerk 404-371-4709
Division 5 Gregory A. Adams, Judge
Sharyn Belisle, Judicial Assistant 404-371-2211
April Jeffries, Staff Attorney FAX: 404-371-3062
Jaketta Pippen, Calendar Clerk  404-371-4707
Division 6 J. P. Boulee, Judge
Thuy Ho, Judicial Assistant 404-371-2691
Casey Thaler, Senior Staff Attorney  404-371-4741
Tatiana Posada, Law Clerk  404-371-2040
Division 7 LaTisha Dear Jackson, Judge
Janet Lewis, Judicial Assistant 404-371-4710
Amylynn Daldry, Law Clerk FAX: 404-371-2993
Sojwanya Harris, Calendar Clerk 404-371-4708
Division 8 Linda W. Hunter, Judge
Jay Lumpkin, Judicial Assistant 404-371-2501
Danielle Walker, Law Clerk
VACANT, Calendar Clerk 404-371-2702
Division 9 Mark Anthony Scott, Judge
Fran Shaw, Judicial Assistant 404-371-7010
Denise M. Warner, Law Clerk FAX: 404-687-3978
Janica Drayton, Calendar Clerk 404-371-7023
Division 10 Tangela Barrie, Judge
Kaleya Harris, Judicial Assistant 404-371-2338
Marissa Dunn, Law Clerk 404-371-2933
Alina Marshall, Calendar Clerk 404-371-2489
Senior Judges Robert J. Castellani, Senior Judge 
Hilton Fuller, Senior Judge
Michael E. Hancock, Senior Judge
Daniel M. Coursey, Jr., Senior Judge
Wanda Jackson, Secretary 404-371-4700
FAX: 404-371-2817


Other Related Departments

Clerk of Superior Court
Ground Floor DeKalb County Courthouse, Decatur, Georgia 30030

Debra DeBerry
Phone: 404-371-2836
Fax: 404-371-2635


District Attorney
709 DeKalb County Courthouse, Decatur, Georgia 30030

Sherry Boston
Phone: 404-371-2561
Fax: 404-371-2981


Public Defender
320 Church Street, Decatur, Georgia 30030

Claudia Saari
Phone: 404-371-2222
Fax: 404-371-2298