Superior Court Administration

DeKalb County Courthouse, Decatur, Georgia 30030

Court Administrator Cathy W. McCumber 404-371-4901
Deputy Court Administrator Edwin T. Bell 404-371-4901
Administrative Assistant Yolanda Thomas 404-371-4901
Fax 404-371-2002



Alternative Dispute Resolution Center – 404-370-8194
Caitlin Lowther, Director

DeKalb County Law Library – 404-371-2441
Sarah K. C. Mauldin, Law Librarian
Eva Cameron, Reference Librarian

Accountability Courts (Drug Court, Mental Health Court, and Veterans Treatment Court) – 404-371-2206
Fredericka Dent, Director

Family Law Information Center – 404-687-3990
Miriam Royal, Center Coordinator

Jury Management – 404-371-2022 (ext. 0)
Dawn Childress, Jury Manager

Seminar for Divorcing Parents – 404-371-4953
Chaseney Q. Cliette


Superior Court Judges


Division 1 Courtney L. Johnson, Judge
Thuy Ho, Judicial Assistant 404-371-2457
Marcee Campbell, Law Clerk  
Rhonda Phinazee, Civil Calendar Clerk 404-371-2880
  Stormy Johnson, Criminal Calendar Clerk 404-371-2284
Division 2 Asha F. Jackson, Chief Judge
Keia Martin, Judicial Assistant 404-371-2344
Terri R. Simmons, Law Clerk
Rakilah Green, Civil Calendar Clerk 404-371-4704
  Keia Martin, Criminal Calendar Clerk 404-371-2344
Division 3 Clarence F. Seeliger, Judge
Wendy Taylor, Judicial Assistant 404-371-2336
Shannon Hicks, Law Clerk FAX: 404-371-2066
Durelle Gunn, Civil Calendar Clerk 404-371-4705
  Nick Kassaye, Criminal Calendar Clerk 404-371-2665
Division 4 Shondeana Morris, Judge
Jewel Baldwin, Judicial Assistant 404-371-2909
Sonya Lokenauth, Law Clerk 404-371-4940
Elgin B. Hopkins, Civil Calendar Clerk 404-371-4709
  Jawanda Duffey, Criminal Calendar Clerk 404-371-2281
Division 5 Gregory A. Adams, Judge
Sharyn Belisle, Judicial Assistant 404-371-2211
April Jeffries, Law Clerk FAX: 404-371-3062
Jaketta Pippen, Civil Calendar Clerk  404-371-4707
   Inez Owens, Criminal Calendar Clerk 404-371-2183
Division 6 Stacey K. Hydrick, Judge
Tess Darisaw, Judicial Assistant 404-371-2691
Mohini R. Patel, Law Clerk 404-371-4741
Ismary Buechner, Civil Calendar Clerk 404-371-2040
  Bonita Hazzard, Criminal Calendar Clerk 404-371-2092
Division 7 LaTisha Dear Jackson, Judge
Damico Edwards, Judicial Assistant 404-371-4710
Amylynn Daldry, Law Clerk FAX: 404-371-2993
Mariam Omotosho, Civil Calendar Clerk 404-371-4708
  Renata Bilic, Criminal Calendar Clerk 404-371-2193
Division 8 Linda W. Hunter, Judge
Jay Lumpkin, Judicial Assistant/Civil Case Mgr. 404-371-2501
Jamelah Plato, Law Clerk
Anita Newsome, Criminal Calendar Clerk 404-371-2702
Division 9 Mark Anthony Scott, Judge
Fran Shaw, Judicial Assistant 404-371-7010
Denise M. Warner, Law Clerk FAX: 404-687-3978
Janica Drayton, Civil Calendar Clerk 404-371-7023
  Griselle Davis, Criminal Calendar Clerk 404-371-2929
Division 10 Tangela Barrie, Judge
Kaleya Harris, Judicial Assistant 404-371-2338
Marissa Dunn, Law Clerk 404-371-2933
Alina Marshall, Civil Calendar Clerk 404-371-2489
  Ronda Davis, Criminal Calendar Clerk 404-371-2160
Senior Judges Robert J. Castellani, Senior Judge 
Hilton Fuller, Senior Judge
Michael E. Hancock, Senior Judge
Daniel M. Coursey, Jr., Senior Judge
Gail C. Flake, Senior Judge
Wanda Jackson, Secretary 404-371-4700

FAX: 404-371-2817


Other Related Departments

Clerk of Superior Court
Ground Floor DeKalb County Courthouse, Decatur, Georgia 30030

Debra DeBerry
Phone: 404-371-2836
Fax: 404-371-2635


District Attorney
709 DeKalb County Courthouse, Decatur, Georgia 30030

Sherry Boston
Phone: 404-371-2561
Fax: 404-371-2981


Public Defender
320 Church Street, Decatur, Georgia 30030

Claudia Saari
Phone: 404-371-2222
Fax: 404-371-2298