Dispute Resolution Center

DeKalb County Courts established the Dispute Resolution Center so that citizens in dispute would have input into the method used to resolve their dispute. The goal of the Center is to offer parties alternative paths to dispute settlement without experiencing the stress, expense, and delay inherent in litigation. Preparation for court is time-sensitive and depending on the stage of the process, optimal choices for dispute resolution may vary.

The Center is proud to offer mediation, case evaluation, and arbitration. If one of the choices offered by the Dispute Resolution Center is selected, a State-registered and DeKalb Court-approved mediator, evaluator, or arbitrator(s) will be appointed to assist the parties in resolving their dispute. The appointed person will remain neutral and will not act as an advocate or attorney for either party.

The cost of Dispute Resolution Center services are covered significantly through the ADR Trust Fund, at a reduced cost to parties. All conferences are confidential. The proceedings are less formal and significantly more relaxed than a courtroom, and parties are given an opportunity to present their case in whatever method they feel most appropriate.

While the choice of litigation remains an option and is never relinquished by use of another alternative, the court recognizes that other methods to reaching settlement may ultimately be more satisfying and successful than actual litigation. All parties must agree on the dispute resolution process and center staff are available to assist in providing information in order for parties to make their decision.