Dispute Resolution Center Internship Program

We offer internships to students interested in the field of Dispute Resolution and Court programs. We accept applications from undergraduate, graduate, and law students.

A DeKalb County Dispute Resolution Center internship provides the student the opportunity to learn first hand how a court-connected program can help resolve a variety of disputes.

Interns will have the opportunity to:

  • Interact with and provide support to parties, attorneys, neutrals and court staff;
  • Observe mediation, arbitration, case evaluation and court proceedings;
  • Assist with case scheduling and case management;
  • Collect, record and analyze data relating to Dispute Resolution; and
  • Promote Dispute Resolution by learning the process and enthusiastically extolling its benefits, not only to the parties, but to the community at-large.

To apply please email a copy of your resume along with a brief description explaining your interests to the following address: drc@dekalbcountyga.gov. The DeKalb Dispute Resolution Center accepts applications for spring and fall semesters each academic year.