Neutral Qualifications

General Civil Mediation Domestic Mediation Arbitration Case Evaluation
Education/Background Baccalaureate Degree Degree in Law or Graduate Degree in a Mental Health, Behavioral Science Field or Accounting or 8 years Domestic Mediation experience with a minimum of 10 mediations per year Degree in Law for Chief or sole ArbitratorLaw Degree, advanced degree or expertise in area of knowledge related to case as member of panel Degree in Law
Training 20 hours Mediation trainingObserve 3 mediations, Co-facilitate 3 Mediations Be observed at DCDRC prior to solo service 20 hours general civil mediation,40 hours Academy of family mediation approved domestic Mediation training, Observe 3 domestic mediations, Co facilitate 5 domestic mediations be observed at DCDRC prior to solo service 8 hours Arbitration trainingBe observed twice as prospective panelist 6 hours case evaluation training co-facilitate 5 sessions prior to solo service be observed at least once prior to solo service
Experience In case area through prior mediator practice or other professional work 4 years experience in field in which advanced degree held Chief Arbitrator 7 years experience in litigationNon-Attorney arbitrators 10 years content area of case experience 10 years experience in litigation, 60% practice in civil litigation, 20% personal practice in area of law specific to the case
Continuing Education 4 hours per year for recertification 4 hours per year for recertification 4 hours per year for recertification 4 hours per year for recertification



  • All neutrals must be registered with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution
  • All neutrals must be certified by the Dekalb Courts Dispute Resolution Center

The director may waive the listed requirements in appropriate instances.