Program Description

drug_court_logo The DeKalb County Drug Court (DCDC) is a two-year judicially supervised drug treatment/alternative sentencing program offered by DeKalb Superior Court. The program serves non-violent, felony-level offenders whose criminal behavior is driven by drug addiction.

The DCDC formally began operation in July 2002 and has enrolled approximately 600 participants to date into outpatient treatment services. In 2008, the program became the first in the southeast to offer two levels of treatment and supervision based on participants’ risk of recidivism and service needs. The DCDC is regarded as a model program by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) for its Innovative services, use of evidence-based treatment practices, and outcomes. In fact, Chief Justice Hunstein of the Georgia Supreme Court acknowledged a DCDC graduate and presiding judges, the Honorable Cynthia J. Becker and the Honorable Robert J. Castellani (retired), during her 2011 State of the Judiciary address to the Georgia Assembly. Today, the Honorable Cynthia J. Becker, Honorable Courtney L. Johnson, Honorable Asha F. Jackson, and Honorable Tangela Barrie all serve as presiding judges for DeKalb County Drug Court.

The program is a leading example of interdisciplinary cooperation, joining together the DeKalb Superior Court, District Attorney’s Office, Police Department, Pretrial Services, Public Defenders Office, Sheriff’s Department, and DeKalb Community Service Board. Additionally, the DCDC has long running partnerships with many local universities and colleges, nonprofits, civic groups, and churches.

The DCDC receives an annual evaluation from the Georgia State University, Department of Criminal Justice, and maintains an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability; dealing in hard, independently verified data. The data is clear, the DCDC is DeKalb’s best and only proven method for engaging non-violent, drug addicted offenders in treatment and curbing recidivism.

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