Clarence F. Seeliger

Division 3
DeKalb County Courthouse
Room 7210

Phone: 404.371.2336

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Judge Seeliger has served on the bench for more than thirty-five years, four years as State Court Judge, and twenty-eight as a Superior Court Judge.

Immediately upon taking the bench, Judge Seeliger initiated several changes concerning civil rights. He has received several awards over the years for his effort, including the Community Service Award from the DeKalb County Community Relations Commission, the DeKalb County Chief Executive Officer’s Great American Award, and the Al Thompson Award from the 100% Wrong Club. Judge Seeliger also served as Vice-Chair for the Gender/Racial/Ethnic Fairness in 2000 for the Judicial Council of Georgia.

Judge Seeliger’s attention has also been directed toward the issue of domestic violence. In that effort, he helped draft a portion of the statute dealing with domestic violence protective orders.

He served as Chair of the DeKalb County Task Force Against Domestic Violence for three years, was appointed by Governor Zell Miller to serve on the Georgia Commission on Family Violence where he was a Chair for six years, and was a member of the national board of FaithTrust Institute, an organization dedicated to ending violence and sexual assault within the context of the religion community. His work has been recognized by the Georgia Commission on Family Violence, the Women’s Resource Center, DeKalb County Task Force Against Domestic Violence, and the Atlanta and Georgia Women’s Political Caucus. The Women’s Resource Center created the Clarence Seeliger Local Justice Award to recognize Judge Seeliger’s efforts against domestic violence in the Atlanta.

Recognizing Judge Seeliger’s years of service and leadership to the DeKalb County Bench, Bar, and public, the DeKalb Bar Association awarded Seeliger with the “Pioneer Award,” in 2013.

And, in 2015, the DeKalb Lawyers Foundation awarded Judge Seeliger the “Continuing the Legacy Award,” for his leadership, service, and charitable donations.

Judge Seeliger has presided over matters that any Superior Court would handle including serious criminal matters, domestic relations, and other major cases. Perhaps he is best known for presiding over the Presidential Parkway case from 1985 through 1991, resulting in settlement and creation of the Freedom Parkway and a park next to the Carter Presidential Library. Recently, the Olmstead Linear Park Association honored Seeliger by presenting him with the Frederick Law Olmstead Award for Excellence.

Judge Seeliger is married to the former Gwen Hagler. They reside in Stone Mountain, and attend Christ Episcopal Church. They have two daughters and three grandchildren.


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