Grand Jury Service

The Grand Jury plays an important role in the administration of justice in the community. It has the responsibility to inspect and investigate various aspects of county government as well as review criminal cases presented by the District Attorney.

In DeKalb County, grand jurors are randomly selected by computer from a master list compiled by the Council of Superior Court Clerks of Georgia.


Qualifications of Grand Jurors
Georgia law says you are qualified to be a grand juror if you:

  • Are a U.S. citizen
  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Are a resident of DeKalb County for at least 6 months
  • Have had your civil rights restored if you were convicted of a felony or malfeasance while holding public office
  • Do not currently hold any elective office in state or local government or have held any such office within a period of two years prior to your time of service
  • Have not been judicially determined to be mentally incompetent

If you are not a U.S. citizen or a resident of DeKalb County, you must provide official documentation to the Jury Management Office in order to be exempted from jury service. The following list of official documents will be accepted from individuals who are not U.S. citizens:

  • Permanent Resident (green) card
  • Work or Student Permit
  • U.S. issued Visa

The following list of official documents will be accepted from individuals who are not DeKalb County residents:

  • Driver’s License or state-issued ID
  • Lease or mortgage statement showing name and new address
  • Utility bill showing name and new address
  • National Change of Address from the U.S. Postal Service

Please fax one of these documents to 404-371-2105, noting your Participant Number and a telephone number where you can be reached. You may also email documentation to Be sure to confirm that all documentation faxed or emailed is legible.

If you have been convicted of a felony and have not had your civil rights restored, you must complete a felony affidavit. The affidavit must be notarized. The Jury Management Office provides this service free of charge for jurors. Once you have completed the form and had it notarized, please mail or deliver it to our office which is located at 556 N. McDonough St., Room 100, Decatur, GA 30030.


No one is exempt and/or deferred from jury service because of his or her job, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, or economic status.

Upon completion of the proper affidavit, certain exemptions and deferments are allowed. All affidavits must be notarized and can be viewed by using Adobe Acrobat, which is available for free. The categories for exemption and/or deferral from jury service are listed below.

  • Any person convicted of a felony, who has not had their complete civil rights restored, may be exempt from jury service upon request and presentation of an appropriate affidavit.
  • Permanently mentally or physically disabled person shall be permanently excused upon presentation of a doctor’s affidavit.
  • Persons seventy (70) years of age or older shall be permanently excused upon request and presentation of an appropriate affidavit.
  • Persons who are the primary caregiver of a child six (6) years of age or younger and have no reasonably available alternative child care or persons who are the primary teacher in a home study program and have no reasonably available alternative for child or children in the home study program shall be excused or deferred upon presentation of an appropriate affidavit.
  • A completed juror questionnaire must accompany the affidavit. For those persons who are the primary caregiver of a child six (6) years of age or younger, please note that you must not be employed outside of the home and ‘reasonably available alternative child care’ may include a spouse who is employed. If you fall into this category of persons and the jury service day to which you have been assigned proves a hardship for you to get alternative child care or you have a special needs child, please contact the Jury Management Office at 404-371-2022 and press 0. If you have a newborn or are exclusively breastfeeding, rather than using the child care affidavit, please have your doctor or your child’s pediatrician fill out the medical affidavit attached to your jury summons. The affidavit must be notarized.
  • Any person who is a primary unpaid caregiver of a person over the age of six (6), who is responsible for the care of a person with physical or cognitive limitations and there is no reasonably available alternative to provide for care shall be excused or deferred upon presentation of an appropriate affidavit and statement from a physician as to the limitations.
  • Any service member on ordered military duty, or the spouse of any such service member on active military duty, may be excused or deferred upon request and presentation of an appropriate affidavit.


Reporting Information


  • Grand jurors are to report to Room 750 on the seventh floor of the Administrative Tower of the Courthouse, 556 North McDonough Street, Decatur, GA 30030.

Hours of Service

  • Grand jurors are to appear at 8:30 AM on their report date. Grand jury service may last beyond 5:00PM on any given day. Before you report for grand jury service, please make necessary arrangements to allow you to remain at Court until released.


  • Casual business attire is required. Shorts, tank tops, bare midriffs, shirts with controversial depictions of wording, or similar dress are not allowed in the courtrooms. The temperature in the Grand Jury Room is unpredictable, please dress accordingly. Shoes must be worn at all times; beach sandals or flip-flops are prohibited.

ADA Accommodation
Grand jurors who are hearing and/or visually impaired are not prohibited from serving as a grand juror. For ease of accommodation, please notify Jury Management prior to your service if you need assistance. For teletype assistance call 404-371-7069.

Grand Juror Orientation
A brief orientation will be conducted regarding grand jury service. An oath will be administered to individuals who are selected to serve on the grand jury.

Length of Service
Each grand jury serves for a term of two (2) months, usually reporting twice per week.

Grand Juror Compensation
Grand jurors are paid $50.00 for each day of service.

Employer Information
No employer may discharge or demote any employee because the employee has been called for grand jury service, or is serving as a grand juror. Grand jurors should notify their employer immediately of their grand jury service. Jury Management will provide grand jurors with proof of service upon request.

Failure to Appear
Grand jurors who fail to appear as directed and to attend until duly discharged are subject to a fine as well as potentially subject to the contempt powers of the Court. The Court may sentence a person to confinement in the DeKalb County Jail under it’s contempt powers.