Judges on top row from left to right: Mark Anthony Scott, Gregory A. Adams, Courtney L. Johnson, Asha F. Jackson, and J. P. Boulee; Judges on bottom row from left to right: Gail Flake, Daniel Coursey (ret.), Tangela Barrie, Clarence Seeliger, and Linda Hunter. *Not pictured: LaTisha Dear Jackson

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Chief Judge Courtney L. Johnson, Division 1 – Presiding Judge

Judge Asha F. Jackson, Division 2 – Chief Judge

Judge Clarence F. Seeliger, Division 3

Judge Gail C. Flake, Division 4

Judge Gregory A. Adams, Division 5

Judge J. P. Boulee, Division 6

Judge LaTisha Dear Jackson, Division 7

Judge Linda W. Hunter, Division 8

Judge Mark Anthony Scott, Division 9

Judge Tangela Barrie, Division 10